Visitors flock to the Grande Bibliothèque


25 million visitors: that’s three times Québec’s population who have visited this great library!

The Grande Bibliothèque beat the attendance records of all similar institutions in North America and the Francophonie. And it reached this symbolic number after only nine years of existence! It was Michèle Nnanga Abate, a Verdun resident, who was happily surprised to be the 25,000,000th borrower at the library. Since its opening, more than 42 million items have been borrowed from the Grande Bibliothèque.

People have become fond of the public library for its ideal location in the downtown core, for its easy access by public transport, and for the quality and comfort of its amenities. However, there is no way that the library plans to rest on its laurels! Projects are already under way to redesign the ground floor and make the place even more welcoming and user-friendly.