The video game industry's a healthy one!


With over 7,000 people employed directly in the sector, Montréal is one of the international capitals of gaming, a leading centre for design, innovation and development in what is now known as the 10th art.

This year again, companies Ubisoft Montréal, W.B. Games Montréal, Ankama and Ludia all announced massive investments in expanding their local studios. That will enable Montréal to continue its strategic advance in this high-growth cultural industry.

Demonstrating the creative genius of Montrealers in the field, locally developed video games are famous throughout the world. Among those making their debut this year, two AAA-quality games particularly stand out.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The sixth instalment in the extremely popular series is set in the world of Caribbean piracy. Interesting to note: the part of the game that takes place in the contemporary era is set in a fictional studio in Montréal.

Batman: Arkham Origins. The third in the Batman: Arkham series, this instalment takes place five years before the first game.