Theatre without borders


Le Carrousel theatre company crosses the Atlantic to tell children how stormy nights can lead to some very strange encounters.

On May 28, the troupe staged a Polish version of its piece Stormy Night (Burzowa noc in Polish) at the Korczak Festival during the 18th World Congress of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ).  For their first production in Poland, Le Carrousel staged a work by Michèle Lemieux that was adapted by assistant director Milena Buziak.

Presented in Polish and French, Stormy Night tackles the meaning of life and other universal questions. Projected on stage, Michèle Lemieux’s illustrations give the show a dreamy atmosphere.

The ASSITEJ international conference takes place every three years and hosts delegations from nearly 80 countries. Association members meet to prepare the new orientations in theatre for children and youth around the world.