A stitch in time…


Over 70,000 outfits, 20,000 accessories and countless memories—the costume department of the CBC in Montréal held enough treasures for it to be regarded as one of the largest such collections in North America.

Although the department was recently shut down, the CBC has transferred its collection to Le Grand Costumier, a new social enterprise launched by CDEC Centre-Sud/Plateau Mont-Royal, Culture Montréal, and three production houses (KOTV, Groupe Fair-Play and Salvail et Co.), with support from the governments of Québec and Montréal.

As of April 2016, Le Grand Costumier will be located in the Gaston-Miron building—where the Bibliothèque centrale de Montréal was located and the Conseil des arts de Montréal had its offices. The new company will offer clothing and accessories for rent to movie, television and theatre productions. Costume design will also be continued so as to enrich the existing collection. And its many sartorial wonders will be viewable online through an interactive catalog.

As the keeper of a valuable cultural heritage, Le Grand Costumier has taken on a grand vocation—serving the local and visiting arts community with the finest of threads!