Snapping the Future


The historic Notman House has become the new home of the web in Montréal.

Located at the corner of Sherbrooke and Clark streets, the new centre serves as a launch pad for young technology entrepreneurs and start-ups, and as a collaborative meeting space. 

The handsome stone house was the home of William Notman, a renowned Canadian photographer in the Victorian era, widely regarded as a pioneer in his field and as a mentor to the many photographic artists he taught.

A creative city like Montréal has to listen to the ideas of its young entrepreneurs and harness their power – and this is the principal aim of the Notman project. From this new space for encouraging and stimulating entrepreneurship, Montreal hopes to see new companies grow and make their mark on the world.

Notman House allows young entrepreneurs to connect with venture capital investors  who are eager to fund innovative projects and give them a chance to emerge and succeed. New applications, new services, promising concepts – they all have a home here. The Notman has already hosted around 550 events and seen the birth of over 300 projects.