Signals of intelligent life


For nearly 20 years, the Perte de Signal centre has fostered the development of digital arts and of artistic innovations tied to new technology. They produce group exhibitions, arrange for video art from Montréal to be seen at festivals around the world, and help digital innovators and artists gain influence on the scene.

To keep growing as a centre, Perte de Signal has opened an accessible new space for experimentation, research and creativity. RUSTINES|LAB operates like an open laboratory where projects, methods and events in the digital arts can be presented to the public. A place for artists and audiences to meet, discuss and discover, it will serve as a showcase and proving ground for avant-garde contemporary work by local and international talent. It will also let skills, knowledge and inspiration be transferred to the next generation of digital artists in Montréal.

Thanks to grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and from other sponsors, RUSTINES|LAB will also be equipped with a digital video console so it can present, produce and stream video live over different Web platforms. This will mean that the public can enjoy a virtual window into the digital arts field. All in all, these are clear signals that digital art is alive and thriving in Montréal!