Shards of light


Guido Nincheri (1885-1973), the master florentine painter of stained glass, now has a place where we can shine a light - quite literally ! - on all of his work. Nincheri made stained glass windows for more than 200 places of worship in North America, including several churches in Montréal. In December 2013, the Société du Château Dufresne purchased the Nincheri Studio, the oldest stained glass workshop still in existence in Québec. A new Dufresne-Nincheri Museum was inaugurated on December 10; it now exhibits his work to the general public.

The museum’s collection, donated by the family of the artist, has 625 items (windows, mock-ups, boxes, tools and more) that were in Nincheri’s studio and which now document his artistry in designing and manufacturing stained glass windows. Also in the museum is the private collection of Alexander de Bothuri and Élaine Bédard, which includes 47 historical paintings and precious objects that belonged to important figures such as Joan of Arc, Louis XV, Madame du Barry, Marie Antoinette, Rudolf II, Pauline Borghese, Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine.

With the museum’s “umbrella” now covering Château Dufresne on Jeanne-D’Arc Street and the Nincheri Studio on Pie-IX Street, Montréal’s east side enjoys a unique and innovative museum complex that has a mission to preserve and promote our civic cultural heritage.