Reaching out


At the exit of Rosemont Metro, one can see the art work Point d'origine, which pays tribute to the workers of the Rosemont neighbourhood, especially those from the municipal workshop. Point d’origine was inaugurated at the same time as the new Place Raymond-Plante. The piece welcomes metro commuters as well as visitors to the Marc-Favreau public library, right next door. 

With an immense hand of aluminum and granite, Catherine Sylvain sends titanic angular shapes into the sky. The closed fist represents the strength and the ability of the workers of Montréal who are the founding force of the city. This impressive work of public art blends well into its environment, which includes a concrete circular alleyway, terraces, and lights that illuminate the mature trees that have been preserved on the site.

This public square was named in honour of Raymond Plante, a prolific Québécois author who also made great contributions to youth TV shows such as Pop-Citrouille and Minibus.