The Quartier des spectacles: an inspiring model


The Global Cultural District Network is a federation of global centres of arts and culture. It fosters co-operation and knowledge sharing among those responsible for conceiving, funding, building and operating cultural districts, to ensure these projects are vital assets for their communities and contribute to the vitality of 21st century cities.

Thirty experts in urban planning came from New Zealand, the United States, England and Scotland to explore and study the Quartier des spectacles. After two days of meetings and debates, they took the time to enjoy some winter events in the city, such as the Nuit Blanche.

These experts see the Quartier des spectacles as a model for such districts, because it was designed as a function of the city—and Montréalers have made it their own. The international observers were especially impressed by our unique cold-climate style of joie de vivre. They departed with many new ideas based on the district’s great success.