One project - many results


And a mixed, dynamic venue that will open in 2017 will be the great result!

Îlot Sainte-Brigide aims to transform heritage sites for cultural, social and residential purposes.

Îlot Sainte-Brigide is a project directed by the Centre communautaire Sainte-Brigide (CCSB), a community centre founded in 2006. It aims to transform two heritage sites in the Centre-Sud—Sainte-Brigide-de-Kildare church and the former motherhouse of the Sisters of Providence—for cultural, social and residential purposes.

Once developed, the site will be home to several community organizations, namely Groupe information travail, Pas de la rue, En marge 12-17, Les Chemins du soleil and Centre communautaire Sainte-Brigide, to be joined by the housing cooperative RADAR and the daycare centre Idée Fixe.

These community groups also bring together two pioneering theatre companies for Québec youth, Le Carrousel (1975) and Théâtre Le Clou (1989), will have access to the large studios in the church’s former nave. Under the same roof will also be found the circus company Cirque hors piste, offering marginalized people an alternative, inclusive space for creativity in the circus arts.

We can only cheer this flagship project in the Pôle de création des Faubourgs creative hub initiative. It is a concrete example of a holistic approach to sustainable development, social solidarity and cultural support, driven by a concern for heritage preservation.