A new agora for Viger Square


Viger Square is one of the largest public squares downtown, being comparable in size to Dorchester Square or Place du Canada.

The current site was designed by Charles Daudelin, Claude Théberge and Peter Gnass in the early 1980’s. A much-needed redevelopment was recently launched by the Ville de Montréal. Starting with the Daudelin section, it will create a vibrant, friendly and accessible space that links the downtown core with Old Montréal.

The plan will preserve and reclaim design-sculptures on the site like Agora and Mastodo even as it redesigns the Daudelin and Chénier sections in a creative and contemporary way. There will be service areas, a café with terrace, and a bicycle repair shop, as well as many planted trees. Montréalers will appreciate the harmony of this new square, which respects artistic heritage while also improving safety and quality of life for people in the city.