Mosaics underfoot


Reflecting the vibrancy of the people who live there, two public squares in the borough of Montreal-Nord have been uniquely decked with greenery and brightly coloured designs.

Created as part of the Places Le Pascal and Del Sol Commercial Revitalization and Greening project, residents and various partners were able to unite behind an initiative that would make a direct contribution to improving neighbourhood life.

Located near schools and businesses, the two public squares were adorned with new greenery and thirty Empreintes citoyennes flagstones featuring design contributions by residents. Another collective effort, a mosaic created with the help of Montréal-Nord artist Sergio Gutierrez, can be found on the corner of Rue Pascal and Avenue Jubinville. A range of fun activities by a local community organization enlivened these spaces during the summer.

Over 500 individuals took part in this initiative, which resulted in both a wave of enthusiasm and an increased sense of belonging among the Montréal-Nord population. The project was based on the principle of mobilizing citizens to take part in transforming and revitalizing their own neighbourhoods.