Montréal's lighting designers : tripping the light fantastic


Designers for Luminothérapie, the lighting design competition created especially for the Place des Festivals, in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, recently crossed the ocean to illuminate the Place de la Monnaie in Brussels.

Iceberg, an interactive sound-and-light installation by Atomic3 and Appareil Architecture, was a huge success at the 12thWinter Wonders festival, a popular winter event held in the Belgian capital.

This installation first "saw the light" for a yearly contest organized with the Bureau du design. On the strength of its success, the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership hopes to see tours in other cities by the contest pieces and other installations on show in Montréal’s cultural district. Many cities have shown an interest, particularly in 21 balançoires from the Daily tous les jours studio (Mélissa Mongiat and Mouna Andraos) and in Mégaphone from Moment Factory (co-produced with the Quartier des Spectacles and the NFB).

Tours like this one help local artists make their name abroad while sharing production costs with other funding bodies. Now that’s a bright idea to share and enjoy.