Montréal designers “byte” into the Big Apple


The Montréalers who devised musical swings for the Quartier des spectacles, and many other innovative installations, are Daily tous les jours. In 2015, in New York, they designed a new kind of boutique for littleBits, a tech-toy company.

The boutique celebrates the spirit of invention, with installations they built using “littleBits”—small electronic components which can be assembled with magnets into new gadgets. A colouring machine, a book on wheels, a musical wall… there’s an inventor dormant in each of us, and the littleBits shop awakens her creativity!

Ayah Bdeir, the founder of littleBits, asked Daily tous les jours to design a stimulating environment where customers could create, invent and innovate: where experience is at the centre of everything. By combining the functions of store and laboratory, the designers created a fun and colourful space that will inspire the building blocks brigade and other budding geniuses. An achievement that reflects nicely on expertise à la Montréal!