Mascarade and macadam


UQÀM took over St-Denis Street just long enough to captivate passers-by with two creations in collaboration with the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles.

On March 1, as part of Nuit blanche, the all-nighter event during MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, graduating Interactive Media students in UQÀM’s École des Média produced Coro, an interactive masquerade experience combining architectural projections, performance, theatre and interactive furniture in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

This multimedia project immersed onlookers into a love triangle worthy of commedia dell’arte, and they could influence the outcome by using interactive structures arranged on Place Pasteur.

Later, in the fall, to the delight of residents of the Latin Quarter and the university community, UQÀM’s Place Pasteur hosted a temporary installation for the sixth consecutive year. Haute saison was mounted by Christine Heyraud, Christine Kerrigan, Christelle Marty and Charlotte Viguier, four graduating students in the event design graduate degree program at UQÀM’s École de design.

Haute saison reclaimed Place Pasteur through an aerial and sculptural installation made of two weight-bearing canvass structures.

Trees were enhanced, shadow games were unveiled and new rest and meeting spaces were opened up to visitors. This new way of seeing the site broke up the symmetry of Place Pasteur and celebrated the cultural excitement of going back to school.