Innovative sharing


The first web initiative of its kind, the Fabrique Culturelle encourages the general public to read, visit a museum or discover places and projects they generally are not aware of.

It was the brainwave of Télé-Québec to create an online platform where those who love both art and Montréal could read articles or watch reports on various cultural activities, check out archives, and even post short videos or photos to give other web users their take on the city.

This new platform enables small cultural organizations to raise their profiles among a wider public, as well as benefit from an effective, new-generation web structure  that suits today’s different media channels. 

Over 50 partners wanting to foster the arts and culture in all their forms among which number the Vitrine Culturelle, INIS, Arte Musica, Wapikoni mobile and choreography centre Circuit-Est support the Fabrique Culturelle. When it was launched, for example, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec provided a grant to artists and writers to encourage the creation of original works.