Infinite potential


There were no restrictions at the Marché des Possibles in Mile-End. Weekends in the summer resembled a village fair and creative community gathering, right next door to the St-Louis Arena.

The market was a great window onto the talent and festive spirit of area residents and entertained the many visitors who came to enjoy the lively artistic and cultural scene.

A piano under the trees, an invitation to accordionists, a handcrafted teddy bear shop, or a historical society holding an impromptu meeting? The sky was the limit for all those who came to wander, relax and be a part of this new market’s special atmosphere. This pilot project was produced by POP Montréal in collaboration with the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough.

Farm products, family activities, percussion, jazz, klezmer music, jewelry kiosks, gymnastics for children, cinema, yoga classes – there was something for everyone! Every weekend, from July 11 to August 31, the Marché des Possibles was a marvellous gateway for the creative spirit and opened the doors of discovery for visitors young and old.