Grévin chooses Montréal


The Musée Grévin in Paris first opened in 1882, but when this institution decided in 2013 to expand on an international scale, they opened a location in Montréal, as a stepping stone to the rest of the world!

To leverage the strong connection between France and Québec, a team of European and Québécois designers, including Dick Walsh, Moment Factory and Europea, oversaw the layout of this first international location. Furthermore, the Museum commissioned exclusive scenes for Grévin Montréal, featuring well-known faces from Quebecois history and local celebrities, such as Sieur de Maisonneuve, Jacques Cartier, Denise Bombardier, Gilles Vigneault, René Lévesque and Céline Dion, to name a few.

Visitors can encounter 120 personalities brought to life in innovative tableaux. Since it opened in April 2013, Grévin Montréal has welcomed thousands of people eager to see these amazingly realistic wax figures up close.