The Great Hall of Football


Located in the heart of the Saint-Michel Environmental Complex, the new soccer stadium is not only a high-quality sports complex but also a symbol of creativity and innovation, one that has been praised in several international publications.

The stadium was designed by Saucier + Perrotte and HCMA, two firms that specialize in sports facilities, after they won an architectural competition. Emphasizing transparency and perfectly integrated into the urban landscape, this exceptional work was also a real engineering challenge.

The horizontal roof alone is considered a great technical feat. Evoking the image of a mineral stratum, it references the site of the former Miron quarry and rests on a lattice-work of beams four meters high. The façade is wrapped in glass on three sides, so that the building is bathed in natural light and enjoys stunning views of the park. Training rooms, indoor and outdoor playing fields, cafeteria and adjoining spaces were all designed in accordance with sustainable development standards.

Will this new facility be a launch pad for Neymars of the future? One thing is certain—its bold design and creative energy will inspire all who play there.