The future of things past


Montréal enjoys a good position on the map of Connecting Cities, a global network of wired cities that broadcasts artistic images on façades or public screens. So it was quite natural that we take an active part in Human Futures, a European project that questions how we conceive our surroundings and the place of humans in technological development.
Given the projection sites installed in the Quartier des spectacles, Montréal has become a strong example of this kind of integration.

Michel de Broin, Sébastien Pierre, Daniel Iregui and Darsha Hewitt are four Montréalers who enjoy international recognition for their work on projects like MUTEK, Elektra and the Quartier des spectacles. In 2015, Human Futures invited them to a creative seminar and residency. Paired with artists from Berlin, Liverpool, Vienna and Aarhus (Denmark), they were asked to create works that emphasize concepts of space, habitation and memory. The aim was to foster community development, identity building and communication among city inhabitants—exactly the kind of project that Montréal’s digital talents have been refining for years.