Free Spaces


From May 15th to September 1st, Sainte-Catherine Street was closed off to traffic and transformed into an immense public art gallery for pedestrians.

Aires Libres was the main event bringing the community together through an art walk extending from Papineau to Saint-Hubert streets. With a theme entitled Entre les lignes, metallic sculptures, digital prints and various amalgamations of different materials were presented to passers-by. Two hundred thousand pink balls, created by Claude Cormier, hung from the sky once again along Ste-Catherine Street.

At the corner of Ste-Catherine and Wolfe, six lighted panels presented Haie, a creation by ARCHITECTURAMA. At once a French garden, a row of cedar trees and a labyrinth, this art installation transforms the reality of the public domain by audaciously distorting familiar references. And even garbage bags had their hour of artistic glory, thanks to a unique initiative called TRASH, in which bags were adorned in fuchsia with black polka dots.

The Beaudry metro station became the meeting place of circus artists with HORS PISTE, a project initiated with the help of Cactus, a community organization promoting the development of those who live on the margins of society.

Aires Libres also welcomes trade shows, the FIMA, lesbian-themed outdoor film screenings in the evening, Catnip! The Musical, numerous activities surrounding Gay Pride Montréal