Double honours at Les Arts et la Ville


The Ville de Montréal was honoured twice at the gala awards ceremony for the community arts network Les Arts et la Ville. The annual event celebrates the cultural engagement of municipalities and elected officials and of the cultural and community organizations that are
their partners.

Montréal was a winner in the Design and Planning category for producing its Sculpture Garden at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), and in the Culture and Development category for staging the Rendez-vous 2012 – Montréal, Cultural Metropolis.

Combining 23 open-air sculptures that visitors can admire and touch, the Sculpture Garden is one of the largest ensembles of public art in the metropolis. The design quality of this achievement was saluted by the award, which lays an important milestone in the recognition of municipal expertise in the creation, design and implementation of public spaces.

Held in November 2012, the Montréal, Cultural Metropolis event was a resounding success in terms of participation and visibility. In addition to asserting, once again, the cultural vitality of Montréal, some 900 representatives of the cultural, social and business domains came together to discuss the development priorities of our cultural metropolis. At the same time, more than 700 people followed the discussions by webcast.