Culture on the move


Cultural mediation takes culture to places where it doesn’t exist. It holds out a helping hand to make people want to find out more about the arts and make them their own. As part of the study The Effects of Cultural Mediation: Participation, Expression, Change, UQÀM researchers Louis Jacob and Anouk Bélanger, in partnership with the Ville de Montréal and Ministère de la Culture et des Communications, wanted to determine the impact of various projects designed to make culture more accessible to city residents. Their final report was issued in May 2014.

Throughout the six years and two phases of their study, they investigated 190 different activities in 19 boroughs. In the end, six of them–Parcel Lab workshops (Oboro), Labyrinthe artistique (Péristyle nomade), L’Atelier (Bouge de là), Les P’tits Loups (Festival du Nouveau Cinéma), On se raconte (Borough of Saint-Laurent), Les Déjà-prêts/Ready-mades (Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges)—were scrutinized in detail, so their impact could be understood in full.

The findings of this qualitative study were extremely positive. Even though the various projects had vastly different aims, they immediately changed lives for the better, as it could be seen that student learning outcomes were improved, social connections were strengthened, and participants’ creativity and self-esteem were increased.