Cultural philanthropy : supporting our artists


Funding for arts and culture was at the heart of Rendez-vous 2012 – Montréal, Cultural Metropolis.

The partners agreed on the importance of considering new models of funding in arts and culture. The objective is to maintain investments and maximize their benefits so we can build resilient, renewable and sustainable business models. Last June, with this objective in mind, the Québec Task Force on Cultural Philanthropy, presided over by Pierre Bourgie, submitted a report of strategic proposals for boosting private donations and access to support programs for cultural organizations.

Some of the recommendations were quickly translated into concrete programs that provide artists with the additional help they need—with the full support of the public.

New tax credits, improved regulations for the Mécénat Placements Culture program, and increases in eligible donation amounts are some of the new measures that will facilitate fundraising activities, tours outside the province of Québec, charitable gifts of artworks, or donations of buildings to house artists’ studios and cultural organizations. In sum, a new vision of philanthropy that is truly “Made In Québec”.