Committing to culture


The cultural vitality of Montreal's boroughs was guest of honour at the SAT during an event marking the 2014@2017 Montreal committed to culture declaration. On September 23, more than 450 artists, artisans and stakeholders from every cultural sector and every borough gathered to reflect on sixty inspiring cultural experiments that took place recently in Montréal.

Presentations on seven major themes highlighted the features that make Montréal a unique and inspiring city, both for its residents and for the artists who live there:

  • a culturally active citizenry
  • the incorporation of culture in the planning of our living environment
  • environmentally responsible cultural leaders
  • learning experiences generated by culture and the arts
  • social inclusion through cultural activities
  • an alliance between culture and the economy
  • an intelligent city based on innovations in the cultural sector 

All the participants were asked to support the declaration entitled Montréal Committed to Culture – For Sustainable Cultural Districts, which aims to ensure that culture will always be at the heart of Montréal’s development. Leading stakeholders, practitioners and institutions from every sector and every borough are now more mobilized than ever in favour of the city’s cultural development, particularly in view of the upcoming 375th anniversary of Montréal, in 2017.