A center for vision


By 2017, the National Film Board will move into a new head office in downtown Montréal, in the Quartier des Spectacles, on the edge of Place des Festivals.

The NFB will benefit from completely modern facilities in a new building whose bold design reflects the creative spirit of movie industry. Their reputation for excellence in cinema is a byword, and this move will mean the NFB can affirm its role as a pioneer in the digital media field and as a leader in an ever-changing cultural industry. In their new building the NFB will seek to fulfill its vision of creating a world-class centre for innovation and excellence in the new audiovisual formats. It will be a hub that evolves constantly with the NFB’s other studios around the country, and with its partners, while serving film makers and the public as a place for collaborations and exchanges.

This move shows that Montréal’s function as a digital metropolis is more solid than ever, that its reputation around the world can only grow stronger, and that the Quartier des spectacles can rightly claim to be the artistic heart of the city.