CAM, a precious asset : The Conseil’s volunteer committees


The Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) has access to a pool of incredibly talented and skilled people, thanks to its various volunteer committees. Its board of directors comprises personalities from the business world, as well as well-known artists and administrators who work hard at developing the Montréal art scene. This year, two new members joined the CAM board of directors; namely, Michel de la Chenelière, President of the Fondation de la Chenelière, and Annabel Soutar, Artistic Director of Porte Parole, a theatre company. Furthermore, nearly 60 artists and cultural workers from various disciplines volunteer their time to participate in evaluation committees (for a period of three years) in order to thoroughly and meticulously assess grant applications received by the Conseil. Ten new members have joined these committees: Nadia Drouin (circus arts), Sayeh Sarfaraz (visual arts), George Krump, Priscilla Guy and Tony Chong (dance), Yoël Diaz (music), Ariel Ifergan and Philippe Lambert (theatre), Olivier Sorrentino (digital arts) and Julie Turconi (literature).

A change of guard

This year, the Conseil honoured Danielle Sauvage, who left her position as the CAM’s Director General after 11 years of service. Since July, Nathalie Maillé steps into this strategic role.