A bus ride to the stars!


BGL is easily the most well-known contemporary art trio in Canada. Last September, Jasmin Bilodeau, Sébastien Giguère and Nicolas Laverdière unveiled a monumental public artwork entitled La vélocité des lieux.

Located between Pie-IX and Henri-Bourassa boulevards, where you enter Montréal-Nord, this giant Ferris wheel (18 metres high!) is formed by the cages of five city buses joined in a vertical ring, one after the other, to evoke the endless circular flow of municipal road traffic.

Equipped with stained glass and reflectors that play with nocturnal light, this huge sculpture caps the urban redevelopment of the intersection. It offers a bold representation of the flowing vehicular activity in the area.

BGL was chosen after an extensive competition launched across Canada. Their approach is tied to social and environmental concerns, in a way that gets people to form new perspectives on their environment. As a brilliant sculpture illuminating the north of the city, this installation represents a crowning achievement for BGL.