A building with tentacles !


As if it was inspired by science-fiction movies, the artist Philippe Allard created an urban octopus with yellow tentacles. It grafted itself onto an abandoned building, throwing viewers into a rather disconcerted frame of mind!

The art work was entitled Parasitage and transformed the building at 1396 St-Patrick Street into a curious creature whose nature is still uncertain. Visible only from June 13 to June 20, this temporary installation, with a dozen industrial waste chutes springing from every window, was sure to surprise passers-by. What was going on behind those walls? Overflow, excess, architectural eyesore, all symbols of human impact on the environment.

Philippe Allard, a graphic design graduate from UQÀM, is a usual suspect for innovative urban installations. He often uses easily obtained and used materials to create works which consider the parasitic aspect of humans in the world. Parasitage was made possible by the Pique-nique organization. Allard was a grand prize winner at the 2009 Place des Arts Contest and presented his work at the 5th Marrakech Biennale in March 2014.