From Berlin to Bernard


Flaneur, the German magazine, dropped in on Bernard Avenue to reintroduce us to neighbourhood gems, from a Berlin point of view. 

At the invitation of the director of Montréal’s Goethe Institute, Manfred Stoffl, Flaneur’s five designers set up shop on Bernard for two months with a single goal: to immerse themselves in the street so as to grasp its richness and history and convey it to their readers.

To do so, they enjoyed a drink at Dépanneur Café, tucked into a kosher pastry at Cheskie’s Bakery, delved into the treasure trove that is Antiquités Loft 9, were wowed by the story behind Dragon Flowers, a flower shop, and stopped in at Le Barbier du Village, where some famous Montrealers have gotten their hair trimmed.

They also worked with local artists, photographers and writers who gave them their outlook on the topic, helping assemble a fragmented narrative to paint the picture of a street’s striking contrasts.

On newsstands in major cities around the world, Flaneur magazine’s brash style introduced readers to Berlin and Leipzig. Now, it paints a creative picture of Bernard Avenue, and shines a spotlight on Montréal.