Beauty care


The works of artists François Vincent, Michel Goulet, Alain Paiement, Laura Santini, Pierre Bourgault and the Doyon-Rivest duo embellish the new CHUM Research Centre.

The monumental aluminum sculpture by Pierre Bourgault Les jeux de ficelles welcomes visitors at the entrance of the building, while La vie en montagne by the Doyon-Rivest duo is a monumental work of art in glass that is integrated into the curtain wall of the facade. From the outside, our gaze is brought upon a collection of 15 oil-painted panels, entitled Premiers arrivants, by François Vincent.

The visit continues at the entrance of the S Pavilion, where Xtinct, a giant polar bear produced by Laura Santini and donated by the Luigi Liberatore Foundation, welcomes visitors.

In the corridor of the Champ-de-Mars metro station, a work of art 30 metres in length, Jardins et jardiniers du monde, by Michel Goulet, brightens the area with thousands of lights. At the end, Tessellations sans fin by Alain Paiement is a work of art overlooking the halls of two pavilions with repetitive geometric shapes like in a kaleidoscope. Thirteen more works of art are expected to be housed in the centre.

A visit to the CHUM Research Centre is akin to going to a museum, thanks to the wealth of public art featured there. This will no doubt contribute to the openness and excellence which are hallmarks of the centre.