Banana split


If someone asks to meet you “at the banana,” don’t worry about their state of mind. Some highly original street furniture—a banana bench, in fact—has been installed on Place Gérald-Godin, outside Mont-Royal metro station. The bench is two gigantic banana peels, spread apart as if thrown nonchalantly on the square. Designed and fabricated by DIX2, a young Montréal company, this big yellow bench has quickly became a favourite meeting point in the neighbourhood.

This installation has given the square a new Pop Art feel. But designing the banana bench represented quite a technical challenge. It had to have a structure that was easy to build but also had to replicate the organic shape of fruit and be strong enough to withstand the weather—and survive some creative use by pedestrians and skateboarders!

This playful design concept is a great example of unifying art. It was selected from numerous proposals made to the Société de développement de l’avenue du Mont-Royal (SDAMR). The finished work was immediately embraced by young and old, as either playground or rallying point.