Arts and culture are forever young


How do we improve cultural participation and access for young Montréalers—regardless of their background or the area where they live? How do we foster collaboration between stakeholders in the fields of arts and culture, education, recreation and business?

These issues were discussed at the Montréal Forum on Youth Cultural Citizenship, organized by Culture Montréal in collaboration with the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. Entitled La culture, mon avenir, the forum was part of a consultation process for the entire province, guided by the Réseau des conseils régionaux de la culture, which sought to develop a comprehensive action plan on developing the cultural citizenship of young people.

The forum united 200 people from diverse backgrounds who are interested in cultural development and work with young people. This day of reflection served as a way of generating ideas and mobilizing all those stakeholders who are committed to improving arts and culture participation by youth. A number of inspiring projects based on new technologies and cultural mediation were presented, as well as numerous activities for raising awareness and introducing young people to art, reading and theatre. Because the future is theirs for the taking!