The art of storing up


Boulangerie Guillaume, the boutiques Mylène B and Cahier d’Exercices, the bars Furco and Mimi La Nuit, Restaurant Impasto, the gardening store Le Balconier and the Simons department store: they all share one great feature.

They are among the 20 winners of the 2015 Commerce Design Montréal awards. Created in 1995, these awards recognize Montréal merchants and restaurant owners who invest in the quality of their premises with the help of professional experts in design and architecture.

Located in seven different Montréal boroughs, the jury grand prize winners offer a fabulous range of products, styles and experiences. The main trends observed include an emphasis on recycling, the reuse of raw but noble materials (wood, copper and concrete), and warm colours.

To shop, eat or drink while enjoying smart interior decor—this is part of what makes Montréal a great place to live!