The art of self-care


Endowed with a luminous heart, a golden sun and a giant molecular structure, the public art collection  of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) will be one of the most celebrated in Québec.

Eleven works of art with the most varied designs and for the most part very large in scale will bring delight to the daily lives of MUHC employees and its future patients. The bountiful art collection at the Glen Site was especially assembled to encourage optimism and hope. These ideas are well reflected in the originality of the concepts selected. 

The Cooke-Sasseville artist duo present Prendre le pouls with a giant exterior stethoscope. Denis Farley turns the observer’s head skywards with his photography entitled Blanc de plomb et bleu de Prusse, a collection of cloud studies. A green sculpture called Printemps by Gilles Mihalcean evokes deep forest and rivers, while Prisme by Jean-Sébastien Denis rises to the top of the building. In Annedda by Josée Pedneault we can almost feel the soul of boreal plants. Havre, by Linda Covit, a monumental rounded form, also retains a more intimate experience.

Lux Domum by Martha Townsend radiates calm and assurance. On the exterior facade, the monumental Cœur à tout by Michel Goulet symbolises both harmony and the pace of life. Je suis là! is a work of art from the imagination of Michel Saulnier and features a giant bear balancing on a big ball. This art piece will probably become the favourite of young patients. The gigantic Lustre by Nicolas Baier brings to mind a hemoglobin molecule and is perfectly at home in the research centre. Lastly, the mosaic Structura habitata by Shelley Miller offers alveoli filled with perky colours an illustrations.