Art for all, all for art


Through an agreement with 18 partners that own the art works involved, public art in Montréal is now accessible to everyone through the Web, via, a site that is entirely dedicated to this outdoor collection.

The site contains nearly 600 works of art along with biographies of the artists and new information about the arts scene in Montréal. You can also follow virtual tours and get the chance to vote for your favourite creations.

This is the first phase of a major project to celebrate Montréal’s exceptional collection of public art. The partnership has set itself the goal of cataloguing more than 1,000 works and so of presenting the work of 500 different artists in a variety of practices, materials and forms.

The Art public Montréal site is a great tool for promoting art and culture in the city. It bears witness to the extraordinary creativity of our artists and confirms the reputation of our metropolis as an open-air museum.