As always, Concordia University is active in the arts


Recreating the wall drawings of Sol LeWitt

Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts was the scene of a unique creative exercise last September. Twenty-seven students recreated four wall drawings by Sol LeWitt, a pioneer of minimalism and conceptual art, under the supervision of artist Anthony Sansotta, LeWitt’s long-time studio assistant. The project was the first public event held by the faculty’s Drawing Lab Dessin, a new research group dedicated to ongoing action, analysis and discussion in relation to the wide field of drawing practices.

Les ruches d’art

So-called “art hives” have become the research interest of Janis Timm-Bottos, assistant professor of art therapy in the university’s Department of Creative Arts Therapies. For close to 20 years, she has helped set up these small community art studios that are open to everyone—for free. Her latest projects involve La Ruche d’Art, a storefront art studio and science “shop” located in the Montréal neighbourhood of Saint-Henri, and the Studio d’art Saint-Sulpice, found in the Ahuntsic district. Although this art-focused social inclusion initiative welcomes all community members, it is particularly aimed at reaching individuals living on the margins of society. Participants learn from each other, sharing their thoughts on the cultural and social issues concerning them.