From Agamemnon to Alexandrer the Great, with a stop in Callière


Pointe-à-Callière hosted the world premiere of a fabulous show on Greece, the biggest exhibit the museum has staged since it was inaugurated in 1992.

The fruit of an unprecedented collaboration, The Greeks - Agamemnon to Alexander the Great brings together more than 500 artefacts that range from the mid-Neolithic period (6000 years BC) to the era of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC).

To assemble this masterly collection, a consortium of four leading North American museums - Pointe-à-Callière, the Canadian Museum of History, the Chicago Field Museum, and Washington’s National Geographic Museum - worked to provide a North American showcase for centuries of Greek history and legend. The exhibition allows visitors to discover great philosophers, walk in the steps of the Spartan king Leonidas I, and experience the epic adventures of Greek gods.