30 years of history and... stories!


On November 18th, the Centre d’histoire de Montréal (CHM) kicked off the celebration of its 30th anniversary with the opening of the exhibition Scandal! Vice, Crime and Morality in Montréal, 1940–1960. A good date to choose, because it was, in fact, on that same day in 1983 that then-mayor Jean Drapeau officially opened the museum.

The idea behind the CHM was the result of the need in the early 1980s to finds ways to help the city interpret its history and heritage. The concept was to create an interpretation centre that would showcase Montréal’s true collection—its built heritage.

During its existence, the CHM has welcomed close to a million visitors who have been able to enjoy three permanent and some sixty temporary exhibitions, thirty-five years of its “All Eyes on Montréal” photo contest, hundreds of interviews with Montrealers of all ages and backgrounds, four publications and one documentary.

A number of initiatives were the result of collaborations with artists and defenders of the city’s heritage and the desire to promote awareness of immigrant history by listening to Montrealers and ensuring their experiences were shared with as many others as possible. In partnership with heritage organizations, municipal departments and the boroughs, the CHM now conducts activities outside its walls and has a Web presence. It has also become one of the most recognized institutions for preserving the history of Montrealers for future generations.

Firmly focused on the future and on Montrealers, the Centre is currently preparing new services and outreach programs.

For it is people who have built Montréal, and the CHM is committed to telling their stories!